Bringing Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence to the world of legal document review, retention, and management. We turn unprecedented volumes into information of value.

The deluge is coming

Unprecedented volumes of information are generated each day by business and government. By 2017, businesses will create over 130 million emails per day. Legal cases can produce as many as 20 million documents during discovery, which will increase 50 times by 2020. All of this data will be subject to legal hold assessment, document review, and records management. The risk and cost of inefficiency is at a breaking point, while the current tools and methodologies are not geared to efficiently handle problems of this magnitude.

Merriam solves the problem of large volume document review

Merriam acts as a virtual archivist and understands information like an expert. It comprehends language, document examples combined with metadata, and can be easily guided to focus on what is most important to you. Merriam works together with legal experts, enhancing human intelligence for the most powerful review protocol to date.

We have solutions for you

Legal Holds

Merriam draws on its highly customizable Legal Hold AI engine to deliver analysis and results. We work closely with legal counsel, configuring the software and approach to every situation. Our legal hold results are 100% defensible.

Records Management

Via its customizable platform or REST API service, Merriam will work with you on any stage of the records management lifecycle. The system can deploy as standalone or integrate into your existing solution.

A Powerful Yet Flexible System

Why Merriam

Your legal judgement and experience determine the preservation criteria. You select what is important and why.
Merriam’s tracking and reporting provides you with information you need to defend all your decisions and withstand any challenges.
Same-day result turnaround times.
65% and up defensible document culling.
Fully-scalable - Handles hundreds of concurrent requests.
Repeated success working with top-tier legal firms and Fortune 500 clients.

Our Clients

An international law firm specializing in immigration.

Columbia's History Lab uses Merriam to help power its experimental archival platform.

A top-tier law firm that continues to demonstrate repeated success utilizing Merriam's Legal Hold Solutions.

Founding Team

Daniel Krasner — Founder/CEO

  • Director of Data Science at Paul Hastings LLP (Winner 2015 Financial Times "Innovation in Business and Law" + The Recorder "Innovation Award")
  • PhD Mathematics, Columbia University
  • Co-Founder, KFit Solutions
  • Columbia University, London School of Economics, Sailthru, Johnson Research Labs

Thomas Nyberg — Co-Founder/CTO

  • PhD Mathematics, Columbia University
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Statistics, Columbia University
  • Technical Lead, History Lab, Columbia University

Eric Gade — Front-End Developer/COO

  • Project Manager, Columbia History Lab
  • MA/MSc International and World History, Columbia University and the London School of Economics
  • Former Intelligence Analyst

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