Bringing Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence to create the world's first narrative search engine.

Ever wonder why you can never find what you want?

Most search systems (keyword, boolean, sql-based, etc) only work well if you already know exactly what you want. They are deterministic systems and simply put we are not deterministic creatures. As data volumes grows the problem gets worse and modern search breaks down.

Why narrative search?

Narrative search is made to work how you think. Merriam acts as a virtual archivist to help you navigate the information landscape. It understands what you are looking for even if you don't.

Where has Merriam been successfully deployed?

Narrative search is made to be powerful and flexible. It has been the backbone for systems of knowledge and records management, eDiscovery and document review, regulatory and legal compliance, historical archives and libraries, e-commerce product and recommendation - just to name a few.

Narrative Search - Powerful Yet Flexible

Our Clients

An international law firm specializing in immigration.

Columbia's History Lab uses Merriam to help power its experimental archival platform.

A top-tier law firm that continues to demonstrate repeated success utilizing Merriam's Legal Hold Solutions.

Founding Team

Daniel Krasner — Founder/CEO

  • Director of Data Science at Paul Hastings LLP (Winner 2015 Financial Times "Innovation in Business and Law" + The Recorder "Innovation Award")
  • PhD Mathematics, Columbia University
  • Co-Founder, KFit Solutions
  • Columbia University, London School of Economics, Sailthru, Johnson Research Labs

Thomas Nyberg — Co-Founder/CTO

  • PhD Mathematics, Columbia University
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Statistics, Columbia University
  • Technical Lead, History Lab, Columbia University

Eric Gade — Front-End Developer/COO

  • Project Manager, Columbia History Lab
  • MA/MSc International and World History, Columbia University and the London School of Economics
  • Former Intelligence Analyst

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